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We will check your feet for skin changes such as blisters, warts, corns and calluses. We will look for a misaligned bone or collapsed joint. An X-ray may be taken to point out a suspected bone problem. We will suggest the treatment you need to be pain free.

• Orthoses (custom-made shoe inserts) can be prescribed to reduce friction and pressure.

• Switch to shoes that have more toe room.

• We can trim away the outer layers of skin that make up the corn or callus. Pads can be worn.

Corns and calluses are your body's response to friction or pressure against the skin. Corns can range from a slight thickening of skin to a painful, hard bump. They often form on top of buckled toe joints called hammertoes. A callus may spread across the ball of your foot. It is usually due to problems with a metatarsal.

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Treating Corns & Calluses

Calluses and Corns

Call us to take away your pains!

Side Note:


Don't attempt home surgery

on corns and calluses. It may damage healthy skin and cause infection!

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