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Make sure to have a yearly foot exam to make sure everything is okay.

How Diabetes can affect you

If you can not feel pain or sense temperature, you could have nerve damage. It can lead to slow healing wounds. Minor injuries can turn into serious infections. You must do your best to practice careful foot care and keep your blood glucose levels on target to keep your feet safe.

• Wash daily with warm water and soap

• Dry gently and thoroughly

• Use your hands to feel for hot / cold spots, bumps or dry skin

• Trim your nails straight across

Diabetes increases your risk for foot problems. Two things can happen:

Nerve damage from high blood

  glucose levels is called Diabetic

  Neuropathy. It causes pain, tingling or


• Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)

 occurs when blood vessels in the

 feet and legs are narrowed or blocked

 by fatty deposits.

Clean Nails

Take care of your feet

Foot exams

Did you know?

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Shoe tips

Look for shoes that give you enough room for your toes, so they don't rub against the inside of the shoe.

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